Christie van der Haak

June 4 - July 24, 2022

opening Saturday June 4 16.00 hrs

Tapestries and Glass

Based in The Hague, Christie van der Haak (b. 1950) is a tapestry pioneer. For two decades, she
has been increasingly involved in designing and weaving intensely patterned tapestries.
Working accurately and concentrated with the both famous Dutch Textiellab in Tilburg and Flanders Tapestries she created numerous unique tapestries

Van der Haak needs to make new and authentic images in order to gain a grip on and represent reality. The hallucinatory patterns encapsulate artistic expressing, a conscientious awareness of art history and social involvement.

Another aspect of her artistry is working with glass.
Christie has managed to apply her own handwriting in this difficult medium and produced sparkling, vivid vases, mostly with the help of master glass-blower Gert Bullée.

photos Christie van der Haak, Tapestries Glass