Design Miami / Basel

June 11 - 17, 2018

Gerrit Rietveld
Olivier van Herpt
Thomas Trum
Christie van der Haak
Onno Schelling
Truly Truly

History and Writing History

One of the greatest architects of the 20th century is Gerrit Rietveld, who lived in the Netherlands from 1888 till 1964
Galerie VIVID is proud to present in Basel at Design Miami / Basel Rietveld's first and last chair.
In 1919 Rietveld designed his famous Red Blue Chair when he was 30 years old. One year before he died at the age of 76 he designed for Steltman Jewelry another iconic chair.
Besides these two chairs VIVID presents seven other works by Rietveld all produced before 1964.

Holland is also famous for it's Delftware / Delft Blue. It is made in the Netherlands for centuries. This Delftware is a thin type of earthenware and was a cheap alternative for the expensive Chinese porcelain that was imported in Europe.
Olivier van Herpt, a young Dutch designer who graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven with his Ceramic 3D printer and objects was introduced in Basel by Galerie VIVID two years ago. After experimenting a lot he developed for VIVID this year a series of 70 cm high, 3D printed blue and white porcelain vases that will be launched in Basel. This will be the first large 3D printed porcelain vases ever (!)
With this Olivier van Herpt takes the next step in the Chinese and Dutch tradition of Porcelain and Delftware and will write history.

Ten years ago in 2008 Galerie VIVID presented for the first time in Basel at Design Miami /Basel. I these ten years VIVID always had a focus on Dutch Design. Besides Rietveld and Van Herpt VIVID will bring this year from the Netherlands:
- The work of the emerging artist Thomas Trum who made for VIVID two unique column cupboards.
- a new Tapestry by Christie van der Haak, woven by the world famous Flanders Tapestry
- a low cupboard made of walnut and bronze by Onno Schelling and
- two new bright lamps by the Rotterdam based designduo Truly Truly.

photos Design Miami / Basel