Shared Space IV curated by Aad Krol, TENT & Witte de With, Rotterdam, photo: Galerie VIVID
November 17, 2011 - April 9, 2012
Dennis Parren, CMYK lamp, 2011
Jelle Feringa, Yellow Bookshelf, 2011
Jack Brandsma, Tallow Table, 2009
Thomas Eurlings, Fading Mirror, 2010
Clarin Folding Chairs, 1925
Witte de With and TENT initiated in 2007 the collaborative project Shared Space, a long-term design presentation. This time they asked Galerie VIVID from Rotterdam. VIVID, established in 1999 by Saskia Copper and Aad Krol, was one of the first galleries to exhibit contemporary design in the context of both design and art.