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Janne Kyttanen

March 2 – April 20, 2014

opening March 2, 4 pm

Galerie VIVID in Rotterdam is pleased to announce the exhibition ‘Janne Kyttanen’. In this exhibition Kyttanen is presenting several stories, about himself as a designer and about the future of 3D printing. A lot of big and small objects will be on display from March 2 till April 20, 2014. Only by using the newest techniques in the field of 3D printing these objects were possible to produce. We will see a Ping-Pong table with printed Ping-Pong bats and – balls, 3D printed colorful butterflies, a bench in aluminum, a printed fashion outfit, printed selfies of Kyttanen and much more. For sure it will be a rich, crazy mix and the exhibition will show that new technologies are pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and creation.
Janne Kyttanen pioneered 3D design and printing with the design studio, Freedom of Creation, that he founded in 2000. Today, Kyttanen continues to shape the future of 3D printing as Creative Director for 3D Systems, and empowers consumers with their own creativity to personalize the things they wear and homes they live in with customizable 3D printed Freshfiber collections on
3D Systems, headquartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA, is the biggest 3D printing company worldwide, specialized in 3D printers, print materials and 3D imaging and customization software.
“Product lifespans are constantly decreasing, while the amount of new products pushed into the market is ever increasing. Most of these products are generically tailored for the unidentified masses, and this - push into market- development approach decreases the value for the individual and increases waste on our planet. Most consumer products are still produced by an old fashioned (a century old) mass production infrastructure, which equals to large stock, high manual labor, big investments, long distance transportation, an army of employees etc.
Since the world is becoming ever more digital, decentralized and connected, our approach on product development will change the world forever. MP3 changed the music industry forever, digital cameras did the same for photography and digital printing enabled everybody to become a publisher – now the same transition is already occurring for consumer products as well, and people will be able to create their own products with great ease and will not need to be bound by the selection they can find in stores. As a result, the value for consumers will increase and waste will decrease”, Janne Kyttanen

Pressrelease Janne Kyttanen

Pressrelease Lost Luggage by Janne Kyttanen

Persbericht Janne Kyttanen


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video: Lost Luggage by Janne Kyttanen

video: Deceptor, Ping Pong Table, 3D printed Paddles and 3D printed Ball by Janne Kyttanen

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